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C&D Technologies was formed in 2014. We have one main goal, to provide high quality products designed to perform with accuracy and reliability for flow bench use.

Everything we put into our Blue Box has been thoroughly thought out. We understand the needs of those who use our products and have designed our Blue Box with high quality components.

C&D 4 Port Digital Manometer for flow bench use.

At C&D Technologies, we believe in Quality. From the initial design concept of The Blue Box, the goal was to produce a digital flow bench manometer housed in a durable case with metal fittings that are not prone to breaking. We also made it position independent so you can mount it the way it’s most convenient for you.  

With our Blue Box digital manometer you also get great flow bench software that help the flow tester get their flow tests completed without hindering them with setup or orifice calibration or orifice change methods that are cumbersome and time consuming.

With a C&D Technologies Blue Box, 99% of the time you won’t be needing to upgrade to a different model box if you upgrade your flow bench. Our model CD-100-20 will work on smaller capacity flow benches as well as larger capacity flow benches.

If you have a very powerful flow bench and need a greater CFM scale than our standard 15” scale, we offer CD-100-40 model.

After accomplishing our initial goals we decided to go a setup further so we added an additional velocity probe sensor bringing the total ports to 4 for our standard box. The best part is, we provide this at no additional cost!

When you purchase The Blue Box you get Quality & Value that was designed to help you make efficient use of your time. You get a digital airflow management system designed & supported by people who actually port cylinder heads and conduct flow tests & people who design and build digital hardware solutions for traffic control systems.

The C&D Digital Manometer has been tested by some of the best cylinder head porters in the country and received overwhelmingly positive reviews.  

Testing was conducted on industry standard Superflow flow benches as well as custom built flow benches.

We set high standards for our digital manometer and took the time to make sure our goals were met. We offer more features than any other digital manometer for flow bench use on the market as standard features and kept the price down as well.

C&D Technologies 2016.

C&D Technologies Blue Box Digital Manometer For Flow Bench Testing

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CD-100-40 Box

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C&D Technologies Blue Box Digital Manometer For Flow Bench Testing

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