Flow testing can consume a significant amount of time if the equipment & software you use are not designed to speed up and simplify the process.

Having used other digital manometers for 10 years and finding the software to be either inadequate or over complicated, I developed two Excel based software applications, FlowSoftExcel and FPExcel that are still widely in use today with other digital manometers on the market.

Excel is a great software package but not the ideal development platform for widely distributed software applications. I made the decision to build a new application using Visual Studio. In order to do that the most logical route was to build a brand new digital manometer in conjunction with the software development.

One of my customers whom I became good friends with just happened to be an electrical engineer. Enter Dave D’Amato into the picture. Dave and I had a telephone discussion in December of 2013. I laid out my goal and Dave quickly grasped the concepts and set about designing a prototype digital manometer while I began coding the software. Dave was the right choice for a partner. He’s detail oriented and easy to work with and knows electronics.

The CDDAMS software has been designed to be simple to use while reducing the time required to capture, analyze, store and create reports on the data.

The Blue Box has been designed with features not found in similar products on the market. It is, without question significantly better than other digital manometers I have used over the years and has calibration adjustment features not found in other devices of this type.

We designed it to be pretty, durable and completely position independent where mounting is concerned. You can mount our box in any position. The hose connections are durable steel fittings in an anodized aluminum case.

There are cheaper products on the market and there are more expensive products on the market. Our Digital Airflow Management System is affordable to everyone while providing advance features in terms of both hardware and software.

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C&D Technologies Blue Box Digital Manometer For Flow Bench Testing

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C&D Technologies Blue Box Digital Manometer For Flow Bench Testing

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