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C&D Technologies Blue Box Digital Manometer For Flow Bench Testing

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CD-100-40 Box

Digital Manometer & Flow Bench Software

Work Smarter

C&D Technologies Blue Box Digital Manometer For Flow Bench Testing

Latest Version of CDDAMS Software 1.08 Now Available

Affordable - Accurate - Easy to Use

C&D Technologies Digital Airflow Management System

C&D Digital Airflow Management Data CapturingC&D Digital Airflow Management Data Analysis

Digital Manometer & Flow Bench Software for orifice type flow benches.

Upgrade your flow bench with the digital manometer that provides connections for Test Pressure, CFM & Velocity testing for both intake and exhaust flow without having to swap out pitot tubes.

Our digital manometer works with small flow benches like the SuperFlow 110 as well as larger flow benches like the SF600 or Saens 600 series flow benches or DIY flow benches.

Setup is fast and easy. Sensors can be calibrated by the user. Mounts in any position. Easy to use software.

For All Types of Orifice Flow Benches

The Blue Box

After using  C & D 4-Port Digital Processor Blue Box for about 1 Month now on all types of various Heads and even Flow testing a few Carb's CFM , I'm really impressed how well Larry's Software and CD Box work together.

Great Software + great Processor = very hi quality product !!!

I've had my SF-600 Fluid Manometers hooked together or tied-into the Blue Box  to watch both Fluid and Digital readings simultaneously while Flow testing and Pitot Probe testing and very satisfied with C & D 4-Port Box's accuracy .

So confident now in C & D Box , I'm thinking I'll eventually remove the Inclined Manometer and install my LED 22 inch Monitor in that space ………….Larry Meaux / Meaux Racing Heads - Abbeville Louisiana

Customer Feedback from Larry Meaux / Meaux Racing Heads

Meaux Racng Heads

Smithberg Racing published a write up of the Blue Box on Hot Rod Engine Tech’s site. Click on the link above to review the article. Smithberg Racing has a Saenz 600 series flow bench at their shop

Blue Box Features

CDDAMS Flow Bench Software Features

Meaux Racing Heads Public Link

Free Flow Tools Download (Win 7 & Up)

The CDDAMS Flow Bench Software and Blue Box Digital Manometer are designed to provide accurate flow readings in a simple to use software application. Priced to be affordable to everyone. When you’re looking for a total package to improve your flow testing process that you don’t have to speed hours reading documentation just to figure out how to use the software or if you’re currently struggling with inadequate software that slows down your operation and has only minimal capabilities, our C&D Digital Airflow Management System is probably just what you’re looking for.

The Digital Manometer that doesn’t need expensive upgradesThe Blue Box

Nick Smithberg Blue Box Review

Superflow 600 Flow Bench

Saenz S600 Flow Bench

Dean Purks PTS Flow Bench

Superflow SF110 Flow Benches

Superflow , Saenz  & PTS Flow Benches upgraded with C&D Blue Box

Hot Rod Engine Tech Article